"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

— Carl Jung


We are all born whole. Certain life circumstances we encounter, however, can cause us to lose touch with essential aspects of ourselves, and can lead us far away from who we really are. Sometimes, life throws us a punch that impacts how we see the world, how we see ourselves in the world and how we feel about ourselves. It is very common for unresolved issues or trauma to prevent us from embracing change and living a fulfilled, healthy and connected life. The pressures of life can become so overwhelming that people easily lose sight of their strengths and capabilities. I strive to support my clients in the process of honing their strengths and helping them create a more fulfilling life in work, love and play.

"Life is a series of waves to be embraced and overcome.”

Are you struggling with a transition, experiencing the loss of a loved one or a relationship, or perhaps have lost touch with your own sense of joy and vibrancy? During this time of Covid-19 crisis, our most vulnerable selves are exposed. Individuals with trauma histories may be feeling especially challenged. Couples might be struggling with increased mood swings, irritability, isolation, or lack of privacy. I am here to help you manage these feelings, come together, and find common ground.

Drawing upon a wealth of modalities, including client-centered, somatic, attachment-focused and mindfulness-based interventions, I guide clients in accessing their inner wisdom and support them in finding their way back home to themselves. I offer a warm, loving and compassionate presence as I help my clients move in the directions that are most meaningful and satisfying to them.

It takes enormous courage to seek out support through therapy and to open oneself to the process of growth and change. It is a tremendous honor to be given the opportunity to work with clients that are invested in their healing and growth process and are committed to making positive and healthy changes that promote their relief, well-being and sense of fulfillment.